Our Story

Good Enough Farm began in the Spring of 2013 on picturesque Walker Brook Road in Danbury, NH. The farm is surrounded by 7 acres of fields, 200 acres of beautiful first and second generation forest, and marshlands. We have a large heated greenhouse and two large high tunnel greenhouses in addition to our outdoor vegetable fields. We also have a sawmill barn and wood drying barn that were constructed beginning in 2020. 

We have been working the fields since 2013 to create a sustainable permaculture providing organic, local produce to the public. Committed to a sense of well-being and health, Good Enough Farm strives to cultivate not only outstanding produce but also a connection to the land where our food is grown, the environment where we live, and to the community of people who support local and organic farming.

We strongly believe that pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and Genetically Modified Organisms do not provide people with healthy, natural food and they do not encourage bio-diversity, ecological balance, or work in harmony with the natural environment. Everything we grow at Good Enough Farm is produced naturally from organic seeds without any artificial chemicals or fertilizers. We are one of the only Certified Organic farms in NH that is allowed to sell produce to the public, and we are regulated under the stringent organic farm regulations of the USDA as enforced by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets And Food. All of our produce is created in partnership with nature, with the greatest care and love so that we can provide the healthiest food available.