The Good Enough Farm Story

IMG_3093Established in September 2012 on Walker Brook Road in Danbury, NH, Good Enough Farm broke ground in the Spring of 2013. The farm is surrounded by a few acres of fields, beautiful first and second generation forest, and marshlands. Good Enough Farm has sincemodified these fields for sustainable permaculture in order to provide organic, local produce to the public. Committed to a sense of well-being and goodness for all, Good Enough Farm strives to cultivate not only outstanding produce but also a connection to the land where our food is grown, the environment where we live, and to the community of people who support local and organic farming.

Good Enough Farm is operated and maintained by Sean Sullivan; graduate of University of Maryland-Baltimore County in 2008 and native of Davidsonville, Maryland. Growing up Sean learned gardening basics from a young age with the help of his father in their backyard plot. Comprehensive knowledge of basic gardening provided the foundation which would establish his yearning to become an organic farmer later in life. However, before Good Enough Farm would come to be, Sean was diagnosed as a Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic at the age of 12. After more than a decade of conventional blood sugar controls and insulin medications, Sean elected to change his lifestyle and become a live, raw-food vegan. His dietary change allowed for much more controlled blood sugar levels, less medication, higher energy levels, weight loss, and an improved sense of well-being. Beyond the physical benefits of this new diet, Sean was inspired to think about modern agricultural systems in the USA and the impacts and results it has had on our food, personal health, and environment.

We are adamant believers that pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and Genetically Modified Organisms have no place in agriculture nor are they meant to encourage health, bio-diversity, or ecological balance. We view these things as an impediment to Life itself, and that is why everything grown on the farm is produced naturally without any artificial inputs. All of our produce is created with intention, care, and love so that we may eat what we sow.

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